Ordering Wizard

Step 1 - Contact Info

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Step 2 - Telephone Services

- For fax machines and for voice calls that require long distance service. The service includes unlimited local calls, access to toll free numbers, and long distance service to the continental United States. If you require long distance service to another country please call two weeks before your show date for current rates and details. A deposit is required on lines enabled for international calling.

- Rental of a standard telephone handset

- Installation of telephone service in any area outside of the main exhibit buildings, including lots, tents, and trailers will incur an additional installation charge. This charge is per location.

- Use with multiple telephone lines to direct callers to the first available line.

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Step 3 - Internet Services

Hard-Wired Internet

- Allows more than one computer to use the hard-wired connection.

- Public IP Address for remote access and VPN's

WiFi Services

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